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De La Luz was created in light of the understanding that a although most of us think of stress in terms of deadlines at work, family issues, financial pressures, traffic jams and such, stress-related problems can come from different and much more broader sources often occurring at unconscious levels and the first step towards the route to Wellness is to acknowledge these stressors.

Despite many people still thinking that these hidden sources of stress might be a subjective experience, it’s scientifically proven that under the right tools, levels of stress are actually readily measurable.

We rely in one of the most powerful energy-healing techniques, Theta Healing®, to guide you trough a process of meditation that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing using the Theta brain wave.

We are all subjected to the unpredictability of Life’s chain of events, whether on our personal or professional spheres; we all have had to come across a situation which we didn’t feel we were able to handle or experience a loss we thought we couldn’t overcome.

Sadly, very often the daily challenges we have to face will push us beyond our ability to cope and this is likely to cause a state of chronic (on-going) stress that if not dealt with, will probably lead to poor health and affect negatively all aspects of our lives.

We also offer our high technology biofeedback scan equipment (SCIO) for those who wish to accurately identify the sources that are causing the stress disorder and address them appropriate advice in pursuance of health enhancing.

The device operates on a Quantum field level and allows our certified practitioners to verify both physical and emotional causes of stress such: pathogens, allergies, nutritional misbalance, toxins, and many more.

Our range of stress-management tailored solutions is specially designed to meet our client’s unique needs and goals and lead them into their own Wellness journey.

De La Luz’s services gather many solutions that work together under one strategy and one goal: your Well-being.

By pairing Theta-Healing® to other therapeutics such as Quantum Medicine, Nutrition Counseling and Wellness Couching, De La Luz offers you a key to a happy and successful life.

Wellness is the experience of living life with high levels of awareness, conscious choice, self-acceptance, interconnectedness, love, meaning & purpose.

– Michael Arloski, Ph.D.PCC

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Achieve a more balanced life and a better health, both physically and emotionally

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Improve your productivity levels, boost your creativity, strengthen concentration & focus, relax tense muscles & more.

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