Kind Words

Thank you for your kind words and the opportunity to create some magic together.


Having a Theta Healing session with Emilia was a strong and beautiful experience.It allowed me to see and understand important patterns that control very specific areas of my life, what is the source of fears and situations that keep repeating themselves.

She helped me take a step back and observe what is going on and question my beliefs. Although it was a bit painful to understand and mostly accept what was going on that was the only hard part, it’s something hiding deep inside she helps you bring out to the light. After the session I felt lighter.

Only a few weeks later things started being different,the way things started to flow by themselves, without forcing anything. A month later the pattern broke by itself, it didn’t have where to hold on anymore. Having this session was a beautiful and life-changing experience Thank you for this opportunity.

Love and light.

– Avril

I just had to let you know how pleased I am with the results I achieved after having SCIO treatment. When I first met Emilia I was in a lot of pain and had very negative thoughts. I had a very apprehensive and nervous disposition.

But after having the treatment with Emilia I have noticed a shift in my thinking and feel a lot more happy.

I have lost some weight which makes me feel more confident within myself.

Other people have noticed and have commented on how young I look.

Thank you and bless you Emilia.

– Harmeet Bhogal

I have been lucky to work with Emilia now for six months and have always found her to be a friendly, caring approachable practitioner who genuinely wants to help her clients in their healing journeys.

Most of our sessions have been working on my energy imbalances but as Emilia is also a trained Theta Healer and teacher our sessions have sometimes changed and we have worked on my emotions and beliefs blocking my healing and she has also taught me techniques to heal myself.

Emilia has encouraged me to have the confidence and belief in what I have been doing to heal myself and as I continue to grow and learn, I am becoming much more positive and loving toward myself.

Thank you, Emilia for all your loving support, care and guidance on my healing journey.

– Michelle Baker, London

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Emilia is incredibly kind and makes deep, complicated issues seem really simple to solve.

She really helps you get to the bottom issue super fast and clear it without drama, without dragging it any longer.

10 minutes within our session, she helped me improve my self esteem and start looking at myself and others in a whole different way, full of acceptance and compassion.

I´m really grateful for her patience, selflessness and the way she makes you trust her and the healing process. She is one of the purest souls I’ve encountered in my ThetaHealing journey for sure.

Lots of love,

– Alessandra


I feel fabulous like I would have wings and at the same time I have the peace inside of me it’s amazing feeling can’t wait to have a next meeting,

Thank you

– Evelina

Picture courtesy of 2018

My first healing session with Emilia was transformative. We worked on my relationship to my femininity and issues stemming from my connection to my mother and I couldn’t believe how deep Emilia managed to take me.

Emilia has a warm and compassionate energy which makes you feel safe and supported whilst she helps you release trauma that has been buried deep in your subconscious.

I truly felt I was a different person by the end of our session together.

Thank you so much Emilia!

– Nyasha, London

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