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Life is mysterious experience and though I believe we need to embrace every event, the good and the bad, with a positive approach always bearing in mind that every situation teaches us something, none of us should settle whilst suffering.

Especially when there are so many widely respected and scientifically proven techniques designed to help us overpower the negative impact of stress.

I’ve always liked to think of myself as an enthusiast of people and their lives, I still do. I’m fascinated by the mystery of life, the topics that science by itself cannot fathom, the uplifting or devastating power of human relations, energy manifestations, our capacity of self-sabotage as well as our power to self-heal, the divinity within.

Nowadays, as a certified Theta Healing® practitioner and teacher, I’m more importantly interested on how I could potentially help people to achieve an state of wellbeing while overcoming the inescapable conflicts and predicaments life exposed us all to.

In 2016 I experienced a huge stress event, the death of my father made me realise that we are never entirely ready to face the unpredictability of life, a minute we are sailing under blue sky and the next one something unexpected and dreadful might drop into our lives.

By not being a constant calm and easy road but a unique journey full of ups, downs and narrow curves in between, life it’s above all an unique experience, that can be equally exciting and difficult. What I have learnt is that we aren’t supposed to go through everything by ourselves. In the midst of tragedy and loss, we need comfort.

University of Spirituality has helped me not only to overcome suffering but also to find my life’s purpose. My journey is now one of furthering my knowledge and mastering the same techniques that have helped me, in order to help others to experience the changes that can occur on all levels, mind, body and spirit.

De La Luz was born from a place of love, peace and surrender where I combine natural intuitive wisdom with Theta Healing® and Quantum medicine to assist others in finding their own route back to Wellness.



Founder & Theta Healing Practitioner & Teacher

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