8 Tips for Successful Manifesting

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I’m going to introduce you to the 8 tips for successful manifesting using theta healing ®technique and working with the laws- like the law of attraction or the law or sacrifice . daaah?? some of you might wonder—-> yes I do mean law of sacrifice, and that will be very clear to you after reading this post.

Ready? let’s go!

1. Gratitude list – the law of attraction

Make sure you write down at least 5 to 10 things, weekly, that you are grateful for. if you are in a bit of a rush, therefore lacking the time to write down your list, write it on your phone- in notes section. the law of attraction states that your mental states attracts all that matches the same vibration or energy. The act of feeling grateful instantly increases your vibration and its energy can produce immediate results.

2. Law of increase

This law kicks in straight away while you are creating your gratitude list, providing whatever you are grateful for shall return to you multiplied. by knowing it we are consciously creating our reality . they key is to really feel the emotions that are associated with being positive and truly grateful.

3. Write what you want

I guess we all have heard that phrase before? but there is great power in writing things down. it stimulates your subconscious mind and creates task to work on. you must remember to write your desires ,what you would like to manifest and how you’d feel once it has been manifested. be brave about it, allow yourself to be free about it, feel happy and accept your manifestation. If you are feeling dubious , you can start small and then move onto dreaming big!

4. Act as if

i guess that one might be a bit tricky. a lot of people struggle with this one. especially when their bank account says otherwise to what they are imagining. But hey, to change your subconscious programs, sometimes you might act opposite to what the reality is. but you must also remember to really enjoy this moment so you get rid of what is lacking in your life mentally.

Remember like attracts like.

5. Create a vision board

Hell yeah!!And that one it’s super fun. You can use images, words and anything that helps you to create a collage that bear resemblance with who you want to be and the life you want to live. By doing this simple craft work, you will actually stimulate your subconscious mind in another way, the visualisation of your board will send the same message & you will actually realise the life you are looking to create.

Allow you inspiration to flow and feel wonderful while doing it!

6. Meditate

Meditate, relax and visualise yourself having all that you desire. Vianna Stibal creator of Theta healing technique states that Manifesting in theta state is 80-90% effective! while only talking about your goals 30-40% and simply visualising 50%.

7. Law of sacrifice

Here I come with explanation that I‘ve promised before. law of sacrifice works in a miraculous way. in order to receive something , we must be ready to give up something. to get better value we must give up lesser value. here few obstacles can appear on our way while consciously putting this law into action. your belief system might question you as well as your friends or family might try to stop you .

The choice is always yours!

8. Law of gestation

Grand finale! not so good for those who struggle with patience . i’m certainly part of this group of people. but as everything in nature has its time to flourish, our dreams will to. preparing yourself for what you truly want is like nourishing the soil for plants to grow. and then , after you’ve done your part, that it takes, its time, hope and knowing that beautiful things will come out of your wishes!

Thank you for appreciating and reading our post. we do love you for it!

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Stay grateful guys!

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