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My one-to-one sessions offer an exclusive experience catered to you and your healing journey. During the session, my goal is to dig to the bottom beliefs that may be holding you back in a particular area of your life. They are similar to therapy sessions in which I will ask you a series of questions to reach different aspects of your life. When triggers or blockages come up, I ask Creator what you may need in that moment to shift the beliefs into positive ones. Each session is different and tailored.  Each session can and will bring up one or several bottom beliefs that could be blocking or a triggering you.

I use the healing to ensure that you feel truly comfortable and safe opening up and sharing. This ensures that we dig right to the bottom beliefs that may be holding you back so we can fix them. If the session still gets too much, you feel triggered, sad, or concerned; don’t worry! Your feelings are valid and completely normal when we are doing this work. I go at your pace and I don’t rush the healing. Also, if you feel too overwhelmed and don’t feel comfortable sharing a particular part of your life or healing a particular belief, I won’t push you. This session is very much driven by what you feel comfortable sharing and what you would like to change about your life.

My sessions usually last about an hour to an hour and a half. I tend to work with clients in person or over an online platform

Explore what suits you best. .

Singular Session


Transformational package


Meditation evenings 


Healing is never a one off process but you might need it to get to know me . If you change your mind and wish to upgrade to transformational package i will adjust your investment .
This package is the best gift you can give yourself. Here we focus on healing your story without relieving it.You are being taken care off from head to toes.
Over these evenings I will be introducing you to the energy healing meditation . Each evening is different filled with mutual respect, need for change and little miracle. Come and hang out with me i love to meet you .

Meditation Evenings

Each meditation is a really great way to take time out of your busy day to be mindful and bring in some relaxation and calmness to your life. It is a time to meet like-minded individuals, focus on a particular area of your life, and heal from any impending worries and stresses.

I lead the meditation. I get a feel for the collective intention and we share what we want to manifest, change, and/or address in that session. You also get a chance to learn about the practice of Theta Healing® and see whether we could work on your healing journey together, in the future.