Manifesting and Abundance Course
10:00 March 25, 2021 to 18:00 March 26, 2021
London, UK, London, UK Get directions

journey that will allow you magnify your manifesting abilities, understand and clear beliefs that are stopping you from having it all.

It will teach you how to invite magic of abundance to your life

And abundance is all we desire- abundance of love, health, money ,joy… the list is endless.

By the end of this seminar you will have and know know :

• Amazing Manifesting downloads, empowering beliefs and feelings for abundance in all sphears of your life

• How to successfully manifest in a theta state

• Understand how blocks on abundance are rarely about Money- isue is never the isue

• Abundance Downloads

• Releasing  resentments, regrets and rejections

• Decluttering your home and your mind, understanding how this supports your life&abundance

• Learn how to teach your home , your office to support you in your manifestations

• Discover how to work with the other laws of universe not only Law of attraction that have huge impact on your abundance; The Law of Cause and Effect, Vacuum Law of Prosperity, Law of Magnetism, Law of Gestation and many more…

•      remove your blocks

• You will learn more about divine timing and changing  your possible future.

• How to create your future from the Seventh Plane

• Working with money

• and many more

Discover how effectively you can manifest in Theta Brain wave


  • Investment in yourself £422
  • non refundable deposit £95


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