The most advanced quantum healing device


Although we all experience stress, our susceptibility in coping well under stress varies from person to person and besides many of us thinking of stress in terms of deadlines at work, family issues, financial pressures, traffic jams, and such, stress reactions can come from different and much more broader sources also occurring at unconscious levels, both in the cellular, subtle and energetic, whenever the body is exposed to a harmful toxin, pathogen, allergen or vibration and also every time that undergoes a nutrient deficiency or excess.

The SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) is a powerful non-invasive device made up by highly advanced quantum technology that coordinates a biofeedback program with a computer software in order to gather bioenergetic information of an individual’s subconscious, detecting and recording information about his stress reactions. Once the data is collected, all the information is then selected and listed in order of the highest reaction so the stressors can be analysed in the course of a stress management session.

Result of over 20 years of research by former NASA scientist, William Nelson, SCIO has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and tension.

The equipment calculates the biological reactivity and resonance of an individual’s body tracking accurately energetic imbalances, allergies, abnormalities and food intolerances, thus offering a wide understanding of one’s possible needs, dysfunctions and vulnerabilities.

All information is gathered from the body trough electrodes in the head and limb straps. The “scanning” procedure is painless and takes less than 5 minutes to be completed; the information provided by the SCIO is fundamentally different from X-rays, blood tests, etc., as it tells us about the energetic state of your body and the direction in which your body is focusing its energy.

With a variety of more than 80 different vibrational feedback therapies, once the imbalance is identify, SCIO is designed to continually send and receive electric information and change the therapy accordingly, therefore, the body dictates the intensity and duration of a certain therapy making it extremely personalized and safe. Focused on stress reduction, SCIO works in a naturopathic way stimulating and enhancing each one’s powerful self-healing ability.

DISCLAIMER This device is to be used as a BIOFEEDBACK and STRESS REDUCTION system only. It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction. This device does not diagnose. Only a licensed doctor can diagnose a patient.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy ~ this is physics.

Albert Einstein


I have also had and continue to have SCIO treatment through Emilia. It is hard to put into words how amazing this machine and the work Emilia puts in have been for me. As a chemotherapy patient, SCIO treatment has helped me greatly with easing/removing side effects; it has helped me sleep better and generally made me feel stronger. Through this Emilia has been able to pick up on my body’s deficiencies and has provided valuable nutritional advice/recommendations to help combat these. Although I have had conventional treatment, I truly believe SCIO has aided to make a great difference to my body and my healing process; to put this into perspective, I have had continuous positive scan results that have shown shrinkage of tumour and in some areas clearance of cancer.

Emilia and SCIO have had a profound impact to my healing process, I would highly recommend Emilia’s services to anyone who truly wants to better their life; mind, body and soul.