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Emilia Balcerzyk -
Life & Spiritual Advisor. Theta Healing Instructor.

De la luz is a London based Theta Healing® training dedicated place. Here I truly care about every person that comes through our doors and I dedicate my knowledge and experience to empower the person within you.
Theta Healing® is a world-renowned healing method and it is truly magnificent.

ThetaHealing an attainable miracle for life

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De la luz was born from a place of love, peace and surrender where I combine natural intuitive wisdom with Theta Healing® and Quantum medicine to assist others in finding their own route back to Wellness…Read More

I believe we need to embrace every event, the good and the bad,  always bearing in mind that every situation teaches us something, none of us should settle whilst suffering….Read More

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Everyone has a story that need to be heard, healed and transformed into something bigger and better . It does not matter where you are coming from or what are you carrying on you . Im here to help you do just that and connect  you with your inner power

Theta Healing®

What is Theta Healing®?

Theta is a practice for your mind, body, and spirit. Through your own intuitive abilities, theta can help you bring about positive emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. Theta…Read More

How does Theta Healing® work?

Theta brain waves are those that occur throughout deep meditation and light sleep; particularly REM dream state. It is through these waves that you experience lucid visualisations, ample inspiration, creativity, and insights…Read More

Who is Theta Healing® for and how can it improve your life?

Theta Healing® is for anyone seeking to embark on their own spiritual journey of self-discovery and transformation with an open heart, mind, and spirit; ready to do the work. This form of healing is not a quick fix, or a band-aid to a lifetime of mental, emotional, and spiritual stab-wounds…Read More

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